What Does a Copywriter Actually Do?

It can be hard to come up with an accurate description of a copywriter because our job can be so varied - writing for different mediums, industries, types pf organisations can mean no two days are the same. So, the best way to describe a copywriter is simply to show you some of the wonderful and creative things they can do, and especially how they can help small business.


Writing advertising and marketing copy

Every business needs a way from bringing in customers and clients. This is usually through advertising and marketing. The best forms of advertising and marketing is usually through websites, ads, brochures, fliers, catalogues, business cards, signage. Who’s going to write the copy? The copywriter of course.


Public Relations

Any communication with clients, customers or general public needs PR. PR is usually anything a business sends to media including magazines, newspapers, radio and television for public consumption. Your PR needs a clever and sellable angle to entice the media to pick it up and feature it in the news. A copywriter will create the magic words for you.



Editorial work is widely available for copywriters with good attention to detail. This can include editing, copy editing, fact checking, indexing, research, and proofreading for general business communications, textbooks, and publishing. For those skilled with other languages, there is also a big market for translations as well.



Blogging is now a full-time job for some thanks to the internet, and all businesses should have some sort of blog attached to their website. Blogging is a great to expand upon your services and give readers a little more insight into your business. You get to create a voice behind your brand and educate your readers on areas of similar interest to your business.


Social Media

Look out! Social Media is probably one of the most powerful marketing tools if done correctly. Social media is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Your business needs this and a good writer to create posts. It’s fast and reaches your audience instantly. It’s also a great way to drive potential customers to your website.

Copywriters often come with a Journalism, Communications or Marketing degree. Some are just naturally gifted writers. They are definitely worth the investment for creating a powerful, consistent and sellable voice behind your amazing brand.

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Sarah Stevens is a former journalist, magazine editor and TV producer, and the director of Content Society. You can see more of her work here.

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